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Laser Teeth Whitening

Do you dream of having perfect white teeth like those in Hollywood? Do you often not smile because your teeth are yellowish? Does your smile hinder your self confidence? Consider your problem solved. We’d like to introduce you to the benefits of a teeth whitening process that often results in mouth transformations.

In today’s world, most people think there are only two main options when it comes to teeth whitening. Typically, a person would need to 1) make an appointment with a dentist or clinic or 2) attempt to whiten teeth at home using mouth strips or trays. Both of those options work, but they are often inconvenient and can be quite expensive. Today, there is a third option. Now, with Maui Whitening teeth whitening salons, a person can simply walk-in to any Maui Whitening location and get their teeth their very whitest in under an hour. And these services are extremely affordable. If cost means something to the person, as well as effective professional whitening, then Maui Whitening is the choice for you. It often costs 80% less (yes, we said 80% less..) than a session would cost at an expensive clinic. And if you are wondering if the products are as effective as dental clinics, the answer is a resounding yes. The products used are the same products used by dentists across the country. Your teeth whitening results at Maui Whitening are guaranteed (3-4 shades lighter in just your first 20 minute session, or you don’t pay) and walk-in appointments are always welcome.

This method involves applying a plant and mineral -based, organic gel to your teeth. The tooth bleaching method involves covering your gums to protect from the laser bleaching gel and then applying the bleaching gel on your teeth to give you whiter teeth and then finally applying light to the teeth to penetrate and whiten.

This method is the Maui Whitening method. It is a salon method where the customer self-applies the gel and the oil with a whitening associate sitting right next to them. By using this method, the customer saves hundred of dollars, while benefiting from the professional grade products that yield the same results. Maui Whitening is much less expensive than typical clinic prices because of this self-application technique. It is a cosmetic procedure where the customer uses the best quality products professional-grade whitening products to get their teeth as white as visiting a clinic. The results can be totally mouth transforming.

There are many organizations in the U.S. which offer high standard and professional teeth whitening, but when it comes to choosing the most effective, convenient and affordable among them, Maui Whitening is the best choice. They offer the best teeth whitening deals in all of the U.S. Teeth whitening is the only service Maui Whitening does, so you will not be pressured into other services. Teeth whitening is finally effective and affordable for people. They offer their services in major locations in the U.S. They also offer gift certificates and discounts. Call Maui Whitening today or visit them at www.mauiwhitening.com. Just stop in to a salon and see your whiter mouth in minutes.


At Maui Whitening, we believe teeth whitening should be fast, affordable, convenient & effective. We use professional grade products so that you can get your teeth their whitest in just 20-60 minutes. Choose the whitening session that's right for you. You can always add on a session at the time of service to get your teeth their very whitest!


20 Minute Session

At least 3 shades lighter


40 Minute Session

At least 3 shades lighter


60 Minute Session

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