Dealer FAQ's

1. What will I be offering in my business as a Maui Whitening Dealer?
Once you become a Maui Whitening Dealer, you will be able to offer our 3 teeth whitening self-application sessions, along with our teeth whitening take-home product line for client tooth shade maintenance.
2. Why should I start a Maui Whitening business?
Consumer Marketing Reports states that teeth whitening is the fastest growing segment of the personal vanity sector. To say that “teeth whitening” is popular would be a definite understatement. In this 10 billion dollar industry, and Maui Whitening opening dealerships across the country, dealers are positioned for huge growth over the next decade. Teeth whitening is already being termed the next “tanning salon” craze by entrepreneurs across the country and until Maui Whitening, there is no major player in this space. Maui Whitening dealers have an opportunity of owning their own business with extremely low competition in an explosive industry. Remember, Maui Whitening is the “original” teeth whitening salon. Being an original and the first dealer in your area equates into huge income potential.
3. How much does a dealer charge for 20, 40 or 60 minute teeth whitening sessions?
20 minute session —————————————————— $99
40 minute session —————————————————— $149
60 minute session —————————————————— $179
Friends & Family Passes (20, 40 or 60 min sessions): ———- $99
6 Month Renewal Club (20, 40 or 60 minute session
within 6 months of initial visit): ———————————— $69
4. Do I need to be a dentist to offer teeth whitening sessions in my business?
All Maui Whitening sessions are “self-application”. Dental statutes vary state by state in regards to “self-application teeth whitening”. This, along with following Dental Board guidelines, are what our dealers adhere to when offering teeth whitening sessions. We require all dealers to respect and comply with their State Dental Board regulations. We take this very seriously and so do our dealers.
5. How much money will I make doing teeth whitening in my business?
No one can guarantee the money you will make, but we can give you a breakdown of what your monthly production income would be selling the following number of teeth whitening sessions. Sessions are based on 60 minute teeth whitening visits per individual. Statistics show that over 98% of all customers choose 60 minute sessions when combined with a “free upgrade” session. The following table displays a dealer’s production income in that scenario. Session = $149 (two 20 minute sessions + one free 20 minute “upgrade” session to equal 60 minutes)

Clients/ Month
  • 25
  • 40
  • 60
  • 80
  • 120
  • 160
  • 180
Monthly Income
  • $3,725
  • $5,960
  • $8,940
  • $11,920
  • $17,880
  • $23,840
  • $29,800
Yearly Income
  • $44,700
  • $71,520
  • $107,280
  • $143,040
  • $214,560
  • $286,080
  • $357,600