Want To Set Up Your Own Laser Teeth Whitening Business?

Whether you are just starting out, or have a current business, or are employed and looking to do something different, now you can learn the strategies used by entrepreneurs all over the US to set up their own laser teeth whitening business.


Dr. Schroeder’s Story

“It just made sense to add laser teeth whitening to my wellness center.”
Indianapolis, IN

Kathy & Scott’s Story

“We wanted to build a business in an industry that was booming and easy to start.”
Louisville, KY

Nikki’s Story

“It made perfect sense to utilize traffic at trade shows and sporting events. Our Maui Whitening Mobile Booth is incredibly profitable. Easiest and fastest income for someone wanting their own business.”
Dayton, OH

Dont’ Let Someone Else Be The First Person To Offer Laser Teeth Whitening Sessions In Your Area At A Discount… You’ll Wish It Was You.

The laser teeth whitening industry is an explosive industry that is only getting more and more explosive. By offering Maui Whitening laser teeth whitening sessions, you can create a full-time business while having fun in the process. Your customers are already looking for you and want this!

Forget the “franchise” and buy a dealership instead…

Maui Whitening dealers are aware of what most people looking for a franchise are not. Our dealers understand the economic advantage of buying a dealership instead of a franchise. With a Maui Whitening dealership, you never pay monthly roylaties, nor a big up front fee. With a dealership, you get to run the business how you want to run it, giving your life all the freedom and flexibiltiy you have been looking for. Work this businsess full time or part time, and choose your schedule. It couldn’t be easier. Also, the dealership becomes an asset you can sell down the road, so you are building an investment that you can add to your economic porfolio. Your ideal business is waiting for you. Claim your exclusive territory today!


Here’s how it all works:

We will share with you how other dealers are building laser teeth whitening businesses using a Maui Whitening Dealership.

You become in charge of your life and schedule when you work for yourself. We want personal freedom for you…


We’ll share what’s working best in this industry and connect you with others.

It’s all about using what already works. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use our materials, marketing pieces and tips and tricks to get clients walking through your door.

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Ever wish you knew how to…

  • Set up a business where you can work when you want to?
  • Earn $358/ hour with a 2 chair teeth whitening salon?
  • Build a lifelong asset business that you can sell in the future and put toward your retirement? (without having to break the bank in setting it up)?
  • Staff your teeth whitening salon business without having to be there yourself?
  • Or even dominate an entire city market owning multiple salon locations?

We Know What You Want…

You want to own your own business that has the potential to make you a lot of money without having to purchase a large franchise or start an idea from scratch.

Want To See How People Set Up Their Own Teeth Whitening Businesses?

Learn the strategies now

Hear What Maui Whitening Customers Are Saying…


“I love it. My teeth are so white!”


“I’m a busy professional, so Maui Whitening is the perfect answer to get white teeth.”


“I love how it works. As a teen, I don’t want to have to wait around for weeks with strips. It’s the best option out there.”

Your Total Solution To Building A Laser Teeth
Whitening Business



Learn about the industry and what is taking place across the country in this explosive industry.

Professional Grade Supplies & Equipment


Implement our professional grade products and equipment into your business to see the very best client results.

Top Notch Marketing


Marketing is approximately 80% of this industry. Our Founder & CEO started Maui Whitening while running her own marketing firm. Our Dealers have access to marketing marterials that would otherwise cost them 10’s of thousands of dollars to create… and all for FREE!

So what are you waiting for?

Get Instant Access To Strategies In Building A Laser Teeth Whitening Business Today…

Learn the strategies now

From our Founder…

I wanted people to have access to the very best in laser teeth whitening at an affordable price. Our dealers bring that to their local communities.

At Maui Whitening, our dealer mission is to provide the best supplies, equipment, marketing and sharing of knowledge so that you can build an explosive business in the laser teeth whitening industry. We look forward to sharing with you what is working for people across the country and helping you take control of your life and your freedom.

Discover the secrets of running a successful laser teeth whitening business.

Simple, yet full of high income potential. It doesn’t matter your background, anyone can learn how to run a teeth whitening business.

Learn the strategies now